Through Betterment Institutional, EFA offers a goal-based, automated investment solution for Retirement, Building Wealth, Major Purchases or a Safety Net. Once we understand your goals, we build a personalized investment plan and portfolio for each one of them. When your portfolio is properly risk-adjusted, you're set up to achieve optimal returns, helping you to meet your goals as quickly as possible with the following benefits:

  • Better Returns
    Through diversification, automated rebalancing, better behavior, and lower fees, customers can expect higher returns than a typical DIY investor.
  • Tax Loss Harvesting+
    Tax Loss Harvesting+ systematically finds embedded capital losses to lower investment taxes and increase after-tax returns.
  • Customized portfolio allocation.
    Each investment portfolio is designed to get customers optimal investor returns. Our goal-based investing framework and advice algorithm let customers know if they are on track to reach their investment goals like Retirement or a Safety Net Fund, in seconds.
  • Automation and passive investing.
    We utilize a globally diversified, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) portfolio of 12 asset classes, tailored for your risk profile and time horizon. Years of research and Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory are the foundation of this proven investment method.