Participant Advise Services

EFA recognizes the worthy endeavor of assisting participants reach their retirement goals. Unlike other service providers EFA actually steps up to the plate and accepts fiduciary liability as a Qualified Fiduciary Advisor (QFA) and provides investment advice in a way participants can use it.

Some participants are savers; some are spenders. Many of your employees have invested on their own - with widely varying results. Others are probably investing for the very first time. How can you give these different groups the information they need to make solid investment decisions?

We can help. We will create and coordinate a customized educational strategy and ongoing campaigns from a variety of vendors; we have conducted educational meetings in venues as diverse as board rooms and trucking terminals, construction sites. We know the approaches that work and can tailor them to your organizations specific needs.

Best of all, unlike many individuals who strive to gain access to your employees, we do not represent proprietary products, nor do we sell investments or insurance. In all facets of our work, we offer unbiased, experienced help.

Some examples of the EFA participant services:

  • Employee Education Meetings
  • Group
  • one-on-one
  • Web-based
  • Custom BrainShark Videos
  • Investment Advise by Qualified Fiduciary Advisor (QFA)
  • GAP Analysis
  • Personalized Success Strategies
  • Custom Model Portfolios (Risk-Based and/or Age-Based)
  • Custom Education Media
  • Print
  • DVD
  • Flash Presentations
  • Web-based
  • QDIA Default Enrollment Strategies

Click here to view How to Save for Retirement video.