Plan Design, Benchmarking & Consulting

The Department of Labor has indicated on multiple occasions that plan sponsors should benchmark their current vendors services and fees at least every three years. As a member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG) we utilizes B3 Provider AnalysisTM technology (click on link for an example) in which 100+ leading record-keepers update app. 450 data points on a regular basis. Our ability to get live pricing and updated data in a true apples-to-apples comparison allows plan sponsors to benchmark their fees, services and investments as needed.

Plan sponsors often contribute to their participant’s retirement via matching and/or profit sharing contributions. EFA can illustrate via PLANavigatorTM (click on link for an example) how to best utilize those corporate dollars to achieve the highest benefit available for all staff (including highly compensated). The first step in driving results is ensuring corporate dollars are being utilized for maximum impact.”

  • Plan Design Analysis & Support
  • Plan Mergers & Acquisitions Assistance
  • Peer / Industry Benchmarking
  • Technical Support (Audit, Administration & Compliance)
  • Legislative & Industry Trends / Monthly Updates
  • Total Plan Cost Analysis / Full Fee Disclosure (Annual Benchmarking Report)
  • Plan Vendor Search / Evaluation
  • Vendor Transition Services
  • Provider Management & Oversight