Wealth Management


EFA is an Independent, Fee-based Registered Investment Advisory firm that specializes in investment management as a fiduciary. We have no proprietary products to sell and no behind-the-scenes marketing arrangements or relationships that can lead to conflicts of interest. We are true advocates for our clients.

Custom Portfolio Management Solution:

Through TD Ameritrade Institutional, EFA offers a wide array of investment products through an open architecture platform, so we can act in our clients' best interests by helping them pursue their investment goals. Whether you want to grow wealth, lessen the effects of market volatility, or better manage your cash, you'll find a variety of solutions here.

Managed Account Solutions:

Through Betterment Institutional, EFA offers a goal-based, automated investment solution for Retirement, Building Wealth, Major Purchases or a Safety Net. Once we understand your goals, we build a personalized investment plan and portfolio for each one of them. When your portfolio is properly risk-adjusted, you're set up to achieve optimal returns, helping you to meet your goals as quickly as possible with the following benefits:

  • Better Returns
    Through diversification, automated rebalancing, better behavior, and lower fees, customers can expect higher returns than a typical DIY investor.
  • Tax Loss Harvesting+
    Tax Loss Harvesting+ systematically finds embedded capital losses to lower investment taxes and increase after-tax returns.
  • Customized portfolio allocation.
    Each investment portfolio is designed to get customers optimal investor returns. Our goal-based investing framework and advice algorithm let customers know if they are on track to reach their investment goals like Retirement or a Safety Net Fund, in seconds.
  • Automation and passive investing.
    We utilize a globally diversified, passive portfolio of 12 asset classes, tailored for your risk and time horizon. Years of research and Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory are the foundation of this proven investment method.


We help our clients organize their financial life with their own digital wealth management portal to keep them connected to all their finances. EFA clients have access to their personal financial website from wherever they are and on any device they choose.

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